Can't Survice on $7.35

Had enough of to trying to survive on $7.35?

Join the fast food workers from all over St. Louis who are on strike. We’re standing up and saying “ENOUGH” because we simply can’t survive on $7.35 (or barely more) an hour. Our employers – thriving corporations like Jimmy John’s, Subway, Panera, Arby’s and others – are making billions of dollars, but they pay us poverty wages, and we struggle to support our families and cover our basic needs.

If you’re a fast food worker and you’ve had enough, know that you are not alone – add your name to our petition for the respect and fair wages that we deserve.

Sign the Petition

I can’t survive on $7.35, or barely more. I can’t support my family and I can’t afford basic needs like food, health care, rent and transportation on the poverty wages that I’m paid. Fast food chains in St. Louis are a billion dollar per year industry, and I’m standing up to demand that workers like me get the respect and fair wage that we deserve. No one who works for a living should have to rely on public assistance.

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